The best investments that you can make in your home are those that add extra rooms/space (whether it’s part of the house or not). One of the cheapest ways of adding extra physical space to a home is by adding a Quonset steel building to part of the property. In this time of global recession, people are finding it hard to afford those more costly luxuries.

Luckily, Quonset buildings are incredibly cheap to buy and build (when compared to other kinds of buildings) and they’re just as solid and dependable as anything else on the market (if not more). In fact, many people see the low price tag that Quonset steel buildings carry and assume that this is an indication of low quality. This is simply not the case, and part of the reason why they’re so cheap is because you can get an entire set of all of the parts (usually referred to a ‘Quonset kits’) from one supplier. This means that they’ll often offer the materials at some kind of discounted rate (because you are effectively buying in bulk). Compare this to the alternative (such as when you build a conservatory) – buying various parts (each of which are usually more expensive anyway) from various places and getting no ‘bulk buy’ discounts of any kind.

Not only do these companies offer you discounted rates on Quonset steel buildings, but they also offer a service where they’ll build it for you. That being said, the standard Quonset steel building is designed in such a way that it can be assembled by a small group of people (even if you don’t have any specialized knowledge of DIY) so if you have the time and the inclination to do so there’s nothing stopping you from building it yourself.

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Many of you will be familiar with the kind of Quonset steel building that was used during World War 2, and may think that having something that looks like that in your garden will be something of an eyesore. The truth is that these buildings have come a long way (in terms of style and design) in the last 60 years, and you may be surprised with how nice some of them look. Obviously they’ll never look as good as a properly constructed building made from bricks and mortar, but when you consider how little they cost in comparison they are certainly a viable alternative.

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