Metal buildings are used for a variety of tasks these days, such as for workshops, garages, storage areas and even living spaces. Some people may think that these kinds of metal buildings are a new thing, but many of them have evolved from the Quonset hut buildings from the Second World War.

For years during the war Quonset hut buildings were setup as places for soldiers to occupy when traditional houses were not available. The average size of one of these buildings was around 6 meters across and 15+ meters in length.

Many of these Quonset buildings were designed and built in such a way that they could be easily assembled or disassembled within a few hours. The pieces of them (mainly pieces of metal) could then be loaded onto the truck so they could take it with them to their next location. One of the core pieces of a soldier’s training during World War 2 was in assembling these as quickly as they could (in teams) against the clock.

The main advantages of them are that they’re incredibly quick to build (even in areas without power) and they’re cheap (since they’re mostly made from recycled steel). Apart from being quick and cheap, Quonset hut buildings are also extremely resistant to the effects of nature and they can withstand even the most turbulent weather conditions. Their shape played a large part in this; since they look like a tin can cut in half (like a giant semi circle) strong winds have little effect on them, and they quite easily stay rooted to the ground. This is particularly impressive when you consider that they require no foundations of any kind (as most regular houses do), and when you compare this with how most tents are affected by the wind.

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Another massive advantage of Quonset hut buildings is that they can quite easily withstand fire, and there’s no chance of them burning down like most other buildings would. This is especially useful when you consider that lots of these buildings were built in the middle of a warzone (where fire and explosions were likely).

Today it seems that Quonset buildings have come back into popularity again, and it’s now possible to buy them online. Once you’ve ordered one, the parts will be sent to you and (depending on whether you ordered them as well or not) a set of builders will be there to construct it for you.

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