If you’re looking for an area to use as a workshop but you don’t want to build a fully-fledged building (made out of concrete, bricks and mortar) to do it in, you might want to consider getting (and possibly making yourself) one of the many metal quonset shop buildings out on the market at the moment. Many men dream of having an area where they can do their DIY and work on projects, but lots of people today (especially in the city) don’t have suitable garages or even a garage at all. If you’ve got a garden of any sort you can set up a metal shop building in no time, and it’ll give you a great place to get on and work.

Metal buildings make great workshops because there’s no risk of them catching on fire (which is usually a danger when using tools such as welders) and for their size they are actually relatively cheap (they’re by far the cheapest option per square foot). The reason that most steel shop buildings are so cheap is because many of the materials (including most of the steel used) are often recycled from other things.

It seems that in the heart of this global recession many people are going ‘back to basics’ and are choosing to try and make things instead of buying them. Although not every attempt at DIY is successful (especially for the less experienced among us), it seems as though our country has strayed away from the great inventing and building nation that it was.

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Another advantage of having a steel quonset building such as this (i.e. one that’s made from metal) is that you’re always going to save money on your home insurance since there’s less of a fire risk than if you were to use a wooden shed (as many people do for their workshops).

Because of the nature of metal and the way it conducts heat extremely well, if you happen to live in a warm climate you’ll find that your metal shop building will heat up a lot inside, almost to unbearable extremes on occasion. To counter this you might want to buy some heat reflective paint (that can be bought from most DIY shops such as Home Depot and Lowes and paint it on the walls and the roof. This should help stop the building heating up inside, and will give you a more workable environment.

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