Quonset Hut – When people hear about metal buildings, some of the things that will probably be in their heads would be durability, resilience, aesthetics and good value of these structures. Few know that the origins of these buildings can actually be traced to the Quonset building, an invention and remnant of World War II.

What is a Quonset Hut?

A Quonset building is a prefabricated, corrugated galvanized steel building with a half-cylindrical shape that is used for commercial, residential, educational, and recreational purposes. The Quonset was actually designed for the US military, and its average size is about 6 m across and 15 m in length, although the size may vary according to the needs of its owners. The huts take their name after Quonset Point, Rhode Island, where these were initially manufactured.

Quonset Hut History

The Quonset building was developed during World War II to provide housing and storage for the deployed soldiers. The building was designed so that these could be easily assembled, disassembled, and carried around. These are important features to have especially since their missions would require them to move to different areas regularly. These were made so that these would be able to protect the soldiers and their supplies against all sorts of weather conditions, unlike the tents they used prior to the invention of Quonset buildings. While these were easily built, these were far from vulnerable to wear and tear. The design was deliberately made to be strong and durable, allowing the military to have safe structures where they can rest, receive medical treatment, store and repair their vehicles, and store their supplies.

The end of the war didn’t end the production of Quonset huts. In fact, more were made and sold for the general population, and even the ones that were produced during the war was also bought by commercial and private sectors for their own use.

Functions of a Quonset Style Building

There are several functions of a Quonset building, including but not limited to:

1. Large storage space. The structure was specially designed so that the space can be maximized to have as much free space as possible, an important feature for a war structure to have.

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2. Durable. These can easily withstand all sorts of weather conditions as well as fire and earthquakes

3. Low maintenance. Unlike other kinds of buildings, the Quonset building is very low maintenance, particularly since it is durable and less prone to damage in the first place.

4. Portability. As already mentioned, the Quonset building can be assembled and disassembled quickly, and its pieces can easily be brought from one place to another and then set up once again.

5. Price. Unlike other kinds of buildings, the Quonset hut is very inexpensive since only basic materials are used to make these.

The Need For A Quonset Hut

Even if the war has long been over, the Quonset hut remains to be in demand. Auto repair shops, hangars, hobby shops, storage, and even homes are some of the common functions that the Quonset hut is used for today, proof that time did not dull down the functionality of the metal building’s predecessor.

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